Monday, December 24, 2012

Pan Echo Effect by AndreasD (Mulab 5)

Hey guys, I have a user submitted patch here! Pan Echo by AndreasD. You can view his KVR profile Here.

This effect is an easy to use 7 line stereo delay. Each line is set to a certain pan. You control the gain and delay time to make amazing stereo melodies. Again this effect was made by AndreasD so if you use this effect give him a thanks for making this patch.
Keep in mind this is a Mulab 5 patch. Will not work in Mulab 4 and is not supported in MUX 1.2 The MUX VST will be updated shortly after Mulab 5 is fully released.
You can download this effect HERE
To install simply copy all 3 files into your MUX user library. You may need to navigate to the background image.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mulab 5 Test Public Test Package Is Out

Hello Mutools users! Mulab 5.0.26 Beta is now open to the public! See what's new and grab your copy here

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mulab 5 Public Test Tomarrow!?

It's true! Announced by Mutools founder Jo Langie, announced on the KVR Forums that a Mulab 5 test package will be released tomorrow (December 22). This means you can get a hand on MANY new features, updates, etc... So keep watch! You can find the forum post here

Monday, December 3, 2012

2x3 Synth Patch

My new 2x3 Synth is out! You can download this synth here.

MUX is a Modular vst made by Mutools. My patches are to be used with the MUX. Please show Mutools some support and buy the MUX and have fun making professional music. ;-)

Fixed:Issue where you couldn't have multiple notes end at separate times
Changed:Changed from an amplifier to a limiter (must use oscillator ADSR to shape now)


Hello! I'm Dakkra! Soon I will be posting my contributions to the MUX. Please be patient as I'm working hard on making these synths and samples!