Monday, December 24, 2012

Pan Echo Effect by AndreasD (Mulab 5)

Hey guys, I have a user submitted patch here! Pan Echo by AndreasD. You can view his KVR profile Here.

This effect is an easy to use 7 line stereo delay. Each line is set to a certain pan. You control the gain and delay time to make amazing stereo melodies. Again this effect was made by AndreasD so if you use this effect give him a thanks for making this patch.
Keep in mind this is a Mulab 5 patch. Will not work in Mulab 4 and is not supported in MUX 1.2 The MUX VST will be updated shortly after Mulab 5 is fully released.
You can download this effect HERE
To install simply copy all 3 files into your MUX user library. You may need to navigate to the background image.

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